Web Watch

The web surface of your company represents the envelope that hackers are going after – probing for weaknesses, poorly configured services and exploiting newly discovered vulnerabilities.

While we have specialized services that watch DNS, SMTP and Domains for threats, Web Watch focusses on other areas of your web surface.

Blueprint Data

Constantly checking for additions and changes to the baseline information.

Vulnerable Components

It’s hard to keep up with patch updates and upgrades in a production environment. With an always-updated database of vulnerabilities we scan all your web components for known and just-known vulnerabilities, notifying you for immediate remediation.

Security Misconfigurations

Many data breaches are a result of security misconfigurations that alert hackers exploit before they get picked up in your periodic VAPT assessments. We keep an hackers eye on potential exploitable security configurations and alert you on priority.

Scenario Alerts

Using external query vectors with the tools that are available to hackers, we audit your configurations manually as well, by our human analysts. We also perform a subset of PEN tests on a regular basis – alerting you for the need to get a full PEN test done if required.

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