Reputation Watch

Ever wondered why your marketing mails perform so poorly? Or why your company does shows up on page 25 on search sites? Or why, despite all the great things you are doing, the revenue numbers are falling?

There are two forces at play: one, the Internet has evolved complex reputation indexes to help filter spam and protect the ordinary user from malicious sites. Two, free speech is being increasingly used as weapons of disinformation, malicious comments and deception – to bring disrepute and thus divert business to your competitors. Trust, that enigmatic quality, has (one again?) become an extremely important competitive parameter today.
The Reputation Service component of watchOUT looks out for issues with your online reputation:

Maybe an overzealous marketeer send too many emails at one go, or more than a certain number of recipients marked your communication as spam – either way your IP or URL might find its way on the black list of reputational databases. You need to know which of your IPs or URLs are black listed, and we’ll advise you on what can be done if this happens.

Fake Accounts

It’s easy for malicious actors to setup accounts on social media that appear to be represent your organization. These channels are then used for disinformation, drive traffic away from genuine sites and much more. Stay updated with this service that identifies such accounts and get them taken down before they cause more damage to your reputation.

Similar Websites

While phishing sites are covered under Phish Watch, this service watches out for similar sites that have a different purpose – eat into your revenues by taking away business that is yours. Similar looking sites are known to sell fake merchandise, collect donations or other moneys fraudulently – all of which will ultimately harm your reputation.

Malicious Comments

An increasingly popular online weapon (and political parties have mastered this art) is to post comments on social media sites to create fear, uncertainty and doubt about your products and services. Often the sane voices are drowned out by the barrage of negative comments. What you need is a constant loom out for these posts – something that we do as part of this reputation watch service.

Premium Reputation Watch

We offer a dedicated desk specifically for extremely deep and wide coverage with a single-minded focus on watching out for your reputation. Contact us for a custom engagement

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