Network Watch

The network layer remains a battleground in the world of cybersecurity. We cover SMTP specific threat coverage in Mail Watch. Open ports and protocols with exploits still make their appearance now and then and we alert you on these risks promptly.

Some of the things we watch out for:
Continuous Blueprinting

We constantly scan for changes on your network surface and notify you of potential risks.

Protocol Scan

All network protocols are scanned for availability as well as potential mismatch on the protocol expected on open ports. Protocol mismatches either prevent critical services from working or represent a security risk.

Vulnerability Scan

Protocols may have vulnerabilities that have just been identified and represent a new exploit. Get notified and patch these vulnerabilities quickly.

Default Accesses

We are never ceased to be amazed how default credentials or weak passwords continue to be accidently used even today. We sniff these out to help you block exploits that target default/weak credentials.

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