Dark Watch

It is estimated that we interact with just 4% of the web – what is called the surface web.

Publicly accessible sites for information, education, entertainment, commerce and more. As much as 50% of the web comprises controlled access sites like those belonging to governments, research and proprietary information – collectively called the deep web.

The balance, a substantial section of the web, is called the dark web – a labyrinth of underground sites, commerce and trade that deal in stuff which will boggle any one’s mind. Sites come up temporarily, business is transacted with bitcoins (or equivalent) and disappear – all in complete anonymity powered via specialized browsers and tools.

This is where corporate secrets are sold, where stolen (or leaked) credit card, credentials and code are found and traded.

The dark web is so dynamic, and operated by some of the best minds in the industry (as well as by state sponsored agencies with bottomless pockets) that even the best scanning tools are completely ineffective. Dark Watch, the most important piece in the WatchOUT family of services, operates as a platform with an everchanging set of tools, technical & developer staff, and critically, human analysts that pick-up scents from the information these tools throw at them to then manually ferret out information critical to your organization.

These analysts are empowered to make small purchases or evaluate samples manually, wait for intermittent websites that open for a few hours, or work with the developers to constantly sharpen our tools.

From listening on social media channels that these threat actors use, to information dumps, to sites behind login screens – numbering in the millions actually – we mimic the actions of a hacker that is determined to do you harm.

The specifics of what specific actions we take in this service must be, as you will agree, confidential. What you get are alerts and advise on data we locate, hopefully giving you time to bolster your defenses, protect your and your client’s confidential information, work with your country’s incident response teams and alert cyber security police departments.

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