Code Watch

Developers will be developers. In today’s fast paced, agile and ‘deliver yesterday’ mode, developers make mistakes more often than you can imagine possible.

From pasting code to forums while asking for assistance and bug-fixing, to using code repositories like GitHub for temporary storage or copy-paste errors, we have found a significant amount of critical information that is accessible.

API Keys

We constantly scan GitHub, other public repositories and paste sites for API keys. With most modern software dependent on the use of API’s, the availability of API keys poses a significant risk to your enterprise.


Database credentials and more are also found across GitHub, other repositories and paste sites. You need to know about this at the earliest to secure these systems.


Ignoring the element of IP loss for now, plain text code that developers let into the wild often reveal security holes that enterprising hackers will exploit. Most companies rely heavily on VAPT tests, yet these do not always reveal potential exploits in code – and leaked code exposes these exploits. Too often code contains credentials and API keys as well. The code watch service looks for code snippets on GitHub and other locations and warns you to act on taking down them down and improving developer behavior.

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