Trying to solve all your IT challenges internally can become costly and a major distraction, Leveraging Knowledgeable Security SME’s like us helps your business remain secure.


Your identity on the internet is your domain address. Weak domain management leads to loss of business, profits and reputation, while opening major security gaps due to phishing. Protect your domains with domainWATCH.


Did you know that as of June 2020 there were 1,514 TLDs? Add simple visual replacements (like a 1 for l, 0 for 0) and you have millions of domains that can be registered that look, or sound similar to your domains. phishWATCH looks out for hoarded domains, phishing sites and alerts you on phish threats.


Credentials are not just usernames and passwords – any information that can be used by a determined hacker to go past any authentication system are ‘credentials.’ credWATCH is constantly on the lookout for stolen credentials in dumps, public repositories, dark web commerce sites and social media chatter.


Unarguably trust has become the most critical success factor in our world of massive (mis)information, velocity of commerce and the need for be faster every day. Who has the time, patience or resources to ‘risk’ a transaction with a corporation with a low social score? Keep abreast of key developments on social media that impact your reputation with reputationWATCH.


Do you prefer that a reporter makes public information that significant data was breached weeks ago, leaving you scrambling to contain potential damages and managing PR to avoid loss of face, confidence and lawsuits? With breachWATCH you get early notice that a beach has occurred, and the potential data that was stolen.


The dark web is a dynamic world, operated by some of the best minds in the industry, state sponsored agencies and cybercriminals, and is where corporate secrets, credit card info, credentials and code are traded. With darkWATCH you have our nose (an everchanging set of tools and human analysts) to pick up relevant scents for you.


Developers make mistakes more often than you can imagine possible. From pasting code to forums to using code repositories like GitHub for temporary storage or copy-paste errors, we have found a significant amount of critical information that is accessible. With codeWATCH you get notified of API keys, credentials and code that we find on GitHub and other sites.


All data that gets into the hands of cybercriminals is not stolen. A surprisingly large amount of information is inadvertently leaked – on your websites, social media, code repositories (link to codeWATCH) and other ways. We actively check for leaks on these surfaces and locations to help contain risks due to these leaks.


The web surface of your company represents the envelope that hackers are going after – probing for weaknesses, poorly configured services and exploiting newly discovered vulnerabilities. With webWATCH we check for vulnerable components, security misconfigurations and perform a subset of PEN tests on a constant basis.


The network layer remains a battleground in the world of cybersecurity. Open ports and protocols with exploits still make their appearance now and then and we alert you on these risks promptly. With networkWATCH we perform protocol and vulnerability scans, as well as keep a watchOUT for issues with default accesses.


Emails are by far the most critical communication infrastructure used by businesses. Misconfigured mail settings result in outgoing mails being marked as spam by the receiving servers or for hackers to gain valuable information about your infrastructure. Email infrastructure changes with regular patches and updates. We keep a hawk’s eye on these with smtpWATCH.

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