Breach Watch

Like taxes, from which there is no escape, data breaches are a matter of “when”. Your strategy must include responses to a breach.

Damages from breaches are NOT as a result of the breach per se, but from how stolen data is used by all the bad actors out there. What is important in a data breach is knowledge that a breach has occurred – and building up defenses before the real attacks begin.

When reviewing the history of breaches, we have seen that it is a friendly third party or reporter that informs the company (often publicly) that significant data was breached weeks ago, leaving the company scrambling to identity potential damages and managing PR to avoid loss of face, confidence and lawsuits.

What you need is early notice that a beach occurred, and the potential data that was stolen and available on marketplaces that peddle this kind of stuff.

Breach Alert

We constantly monitor old and new credential dumps on the dark web to identify data that might belong to your organization. Our security analysts manually validate the information to instantly alert you.

Credential Lists

Even if your IT systems were not breached, third parties holding user credentials could have been breached. We search within these types of credential dumps to alert you of risks from such credentials.

Confidential Data on Sale/Exchange

Hundreds of new, temporary marketplaces emerge daily, listing information for sale. We hunt down these marketplaces and look for confidential data that might belong to your organization.

Attack Plan Notifications

We monitor hundreds of chat channels and public social media sites that might give us reasons to believe that your organization might be subject to a concerted attack.

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