Gain critical insights
on threats OUTSIDE
your firewall !
Our Services
A blend of automation,
proprietary technology
and human experts!
Our Services

We take a hacker's view of your digital envelope and look for chinks in your armor!

We keep a look for breaches, leakages and threats on the dark web, social web and deep web. We monitor all your attack surfaces and use a hacker’s mind to dig out weaknesses and potential chinks in your armor.

Rajeev Shukla – Founder/CEO

Cred Watch

Credentials are not just usernames and passwords – any information that can be used by a determined hacker to go past any authentication system are…

Dark Watch

The dark web is a dynamic world, operated by some of the best minds in the industry, state sponsored agencies and cybercriminals, and is where…

Reputation Watch

Unarguably trust has become the most critical success factor in our world of massive (mis)information, velocity of commerce and the need for be faster every…

Network Watch

The network layer remains a battleground in the world of cybersecurity. Open ports and protocols with exploits still make their appearance now and then and…

Leak Watch

All data that gets into the hands of cybercriminals is not stolen. A surprisingly large amount of information is inadvertently leaked – on your websites,…

And many more areas we watchOUT for!

watchOUT currently investigates in 11 areas and we keep expanding the scope by adding new threat domains as they become credible risks.

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